I’ve authored customized strength programs for over 700 athletes representing all sports and ability levels.

I’ll soon offer online strength programs for any training goal – select from one of my pre-written programs or request a fully-customized program tailored for your individual needs, schedule, equipment access, etc.

I’m not yet finished with my online store but, when I am, it will be found here!!


I have pre-written baseball, softball, and volleyball programs (with more to come) that you can purchase for $475 (about $40/month) or I can write you a fully-individualized program for $150/month.

Yes, absolutely. While I played and teach baseball, I’m also a college strength coach and fully understand the movement and energy demands of all sports.

Yep! If you’re looking to lean up, develop size/muscle, or just want a program to keep you active/accountable, I can help. Writing physique programs and programs for non-athlete clientele have always been passions of mine.

I utilize a smartphone app called “TrainHeroic.” Take a look below for more details!

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TrainHeroic is a software company that specializes in providing strength and fitness coaches a platform to author and administer online training programs.

I’ve used TrainHeroic for the past four years for all of my online clients. It allows me to update programs on the fly, track client progress, input coaching cues and weight suggestions, add performance videos, communicate with clients, etc. – all through a smartphone app.

To get the free app, click on the appropriate button below.