I’ve given well over 5000 baseball and softball hitting and catching lessons focused on fostering the conceptual understanding of the essential mechanics, the acquisition of fundamental skills, and the application of those skills in-game.

Lessons are 30 minutes in length and progressive in nature – players are filmed, evaluated, and then given drill work to complete at home.

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Thirty minute lessons are $50 each.

While this depends on the diligence of the player performing their drill homework at home, a lesson every 7-14 days works well for most players.

Over the years, I’ve given lessons to players from ages 6 to 60 but most players fall in the 8-20 year-old range, since they must have sufficient body control and the ability to focus and retain information from week-to-week.

HITTING | Players’ swings are filmed, they are taken through a step-by-step swing analysis, taught the essential fundamentals of a swing and mental approach, assigned corrective drills, and thrown batting practice. Density and complexity of concepts and topics increase with subsequent lessons.

CATCHING | Players are evaluated and assessed on the three pillars of catching – pitch receiving/framing, throwing/footwork, and blocking technique. The amount of time spent on each pillar will be determined by the assessment and the player’s specific goals. If age-appropriate, we will discuss pitch-calling and game management skills.


Augustana College

Black Hawk College

Bradley Univ.

Carl Sandburg College

Chicago State Univ.

Coe College

Danville Area Comm. College

Eastern Illinois Univ.

Grace College

Greenville Univ.

Harper College

Heartland Comm. College

Illinois Central College

Illinois State Univ.

Illinois Wesleyan Univ.

Iowa Lakes Comm. College

John Carroll Univ.

Lake Land College

Lincoln College

Millikin Univ.

Monmouth College

Northern Illinois Univ.

Parkland College

Purdue Univ. Northwest

Sauk Valley Comm. College

Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville

Spoon River College

Univ. of Illinois

Univ. of Illinois - Springfield

Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee